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WHAT'S ON 2017

Why thousands of businesses are leaving Sage (and why you should be thinking about it)

Next Date: November TBC

Location: A4G Offices, West Kingsdown

The pricing structure for SAGE has changed. 

Sage is now moving to a monthly licence plan. This will mean you are no longer able to upgrade and buy the software outright. Instead, you'll be paying to use the software on a monthly basis at a monthly cost. Prices start from £20, pretty competitive... but this is for one user, with limited features and support. When you start to add users, you'll be adding £12 a month, plus telephone support of £20 a month, plus CIS... it becomes an expensive option. 

So what are the alternatives? 

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How do you value your business & what is it worth?

26th October 2017, 4.20pm to 5.40pm

A4G Offices, West Kingsdown

How do you value your business, and what is it worth?

How can you increase this value?

Businesses get bought and sold for many reasons. To realise wealth, the retirement of the owners, ill health, breakdown in business relationships, or a change in personal circumstances.

Unfortunately in many cases businesses don’t plan for a sale.  As a result the selling business has little idea of their value. As a business owner you should always be tracking your value and increasing this should be at the heart of your long term business development.

What will you learn at this seminar? 

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Are you thinking about Investing in Property?

Date: 15th November, 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Location: A4G Offices, West Kingsdown

Discover the most effective investment strategies and get actionable advice from A4G's Tax Parnter and Property Specialist Wes Mason, and seasoned Property Investor and Mentor Harry Barclay.

Attendance at the seminars is FREE OF CHARGE.

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