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A4G Cost Management -

Lowering the cost of doing business with A4G Cost Management


A4G Cost Management is able to lower business costs and deliver increased profitability by implementing a cohesive cost management strategy.

A recent survey by Management Today Magazine identified that 70% of commercial organizations do not have a cost management plan in place. A4G Cost Management is able to tap into their extensive supplier relationships to deliver cost effective purchasing for small to medium size businesses.

The independence of our advice is fundamental

We are not suppliers, agents or brokers and have a completely independent view of the supply chain. This ensures we always sit on the client’s side of the table, helping them to make informed decisions about what is best for their business. We always place your business with the supplier that best matches your organisation’s needs. This could be the lowest cost solution, but will always be the supplier that can provide you with the best overall value and importantly service.

Savings across multiple cost sectors

We are able to reduce costs in the obvious business cost sectors such as energy, fixed and mobile telecommunications and stationary, but in total we have specialists covering over 30 cost sectors. Savings will vary dependent upon cost sector but generally savings in the region of 25% are commonly achievable.

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To arrange a meeting to discuss how we can assist your organisation please contact us on costsavings@a4gbusinessstrategies.co.uk or complete our enquiry form below.

The benefits to our clients

The obvious benefit to our clients is the cost savings we make, that deliver improved cash flow, create more working capital and increase profitability for their businesses.

This is only part of the story as our service also frees up both management and staff time as well as reducing waste.



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