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Is Payroll a headache for you?

You've worked hard to build up a successful business and recruit staff. Then every month you spend time running the payroll, trying to make sure the pay is correct  for the staff and working out what to pay HMRC, making sure you file RTI on time to avoid penalties and dealing with questions from employees.

This can be a time consuming headache and takes your focus away from what is more important - running and growing your business.

Or it may be that your bookkeeper or credit controller have been tasked with running the company payroll but are not payroll specialists and therefore struggle at times to give you what you need in the time available.

This is where we can help. We provide a complete payroll outsource service with the aim to make the payroll process for companies as pain-free and simple as possible. 

Low Fees

Our pricing is on a fixed fee basis so there are never any hidden extras. For many of our clients these fees are actually lower than the cost of a software licence and the payroll stationery. That is without factoring in the time also spent by someone in your business running the payroll.

With our help you never have to worry about payroll again!

Auto Enrolment

We have launched a website specifically related to Auto enrolment in conjunction with the Wealth team at A4G. Together we are able to help Employers meet all of their legal obligations. Our Auto enrolment service can be accessed independently from our payroll service and aims to offer Employers complete peace of mind with this challenging new legislation which all UK Employers must comply with. More information can be found at the new website at www.a4g-autoenrolment.co.uk

About our services:

  • We can carry out Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly payrolls
  • Payslips both by secure email and post
  • Online filing to HMRC
  • Payroll reports each month detailing clearly everything you need to know
  • Bespoke payroll reports
  • Dealing with payroll year-end and supplying P60's to all staff

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