20 Years of Consecutive Growth - The history of A4G

Accountants Partners History

2015 marks 20 years of consecutive growth for Kent-based accountancy firm A4G LLP, and managing partner Malcolm Palmer is confident that these are still early days for the expanding practice.

A4G started life in Longfield as Stephen-Hill ltd, moving to West Kingsdown before the turn of the millennium. Now with several offices including a former bikers’ café on the A20, the firm primarily supports owner-managers from the building, creative and care-home industries.

A bustling practice dealing with every client's needs and wants beyond traditional accountancy work, Malcolm says growth is “in the DNA” of the practice.  

“A lot of accountancy practices are run by people who are accountancy minded and that means they’re very risk averse. I don’t think we’re entrepreneurs but I do think we’re entrepreneurial.”

This “entrepreneurial” drive has led A4G to become a fast-developing accountancy practice, offering a wide range of value added services on top of the standard accountancy compliance work.

Malcolm continues to say his proudest achievement is the team at A4G, explaining “the fact that three of our six partners joined here as teenagers originally, and have progressed to such a level is the reason we come so highly recommended. We employ great communicators and educate them to success, so you can expect to meet an approachable professional who is passionate about your success”.

One of the partners, Emma White, explained how she believes the  practice's choice to run on a systems basis, allows more time for clients to benefit from the practice's other services. 

“Owner managers are inevitably busy people, most of our clients are quite entrepreneurial and always looking for a way they can expand their business.”

There is no set client at A4G, with partner Emma White saying “We have clients with up to 60 million turnover and as we get bigger we can deal with bigger clients. We have systems in place so that even someone with a very simple tax return can come in and meet one of our team who can sort out their affairs quickly.”

After 20 consecutive years of uninterrupted growth and expansion, the practice is confident it can go 20 more, with several successful sister companies alongside it.

Malcolm Palmer with A4G's founding company, stephen hill

Sister companies within A4G

A4G Bookkeeping & Payroll, who moved into A4G's New Ash Green offices in May 2015, they do exactly what their name suggests, and have a proven track record with a large client base.

A4G Growth, currently based at our West Kingsdown office, is run by two qualified accredited coaches, one of whom was called "the man that finds people money"  by a client, is dedicated helping owner-managers find the perfect strategy to run their business..

A4G Payroll and A4G Growth Logos

Even with these, and other, sister companies performing so well, the practice continues to keep it's eyes locked squarely on the future:

"We’ve got to focus on staying one step ahead of what’s going to stop us from growing. We’re always trying to look at what’s the next barrier to growth and tackle it before it becomes one."

20 Years of Consecutive Growth