Ten reasons to use A4G

  1. Excellent business, tax and financial advice

    At A4G our mission is to be the best all round advisers to owner managers. That means that our priority is to give you the right advice taking into account all your business and personal circumstances.  Whilst there is a place for specialists, we believe that all owner-managers need one adviser who can help them make decisions balancing out the key areas of tax planning, long-term business strategies, profitability, cash flow and personal wealth planning.

  2. Planning before the event, not chit chat after

    We believe that if you only meet with us once a year that such a meeting should be before your year-end rather than after. Most of our clients have a pre-year end meeting where we discuss tax planning ideas to be implemented and improvements to your management information before the start of your new year together with ways to increase profits and grow your business and making it less dependent on you. Even if you don’t have a pre year end review incorporated into your package of services with us we’ll keep you up to date with new ideas in our free monthly email bulletin.

  3. Accountants that speak your language

    We believe that the true test of any professional adviser is not what they know but how they apply that knowledge to their client's benefit and perhaps most importantly communicate that knowledge to you. When we recruit our staff, although they will need to have a certain high level of academic ability, the key quality that we are looking for is their ability to communicate with you.

  4. Cutting edge advice on the structure of your business

    Numerous recent changes to the tax rules mean that it has never been more important to have an adviser who is up to date with the latest rules. Businesses can take many shapes and forms and are not restricted to the traditional sole trader or limited company. The right structure can save significant amounts of tax. A4G’s team of tax advisers will ensure you never have to pay more than you should.

  5. Two man approach to dealing with your affairs

    A4G operate a two-man approach to dealing with all clients. Whilst the qualified Principal Adviser oversees your affairs, their main aim is to provide you with the best possible advice. They are assisted by a qualified or a part-qualified Client Manager who will supervise the production of accounts, tax returns and all other areas where you need our help. When you first use our services or when a new Client Manager is appointed, they will visit you to complete a FREE Client Care Programme. Our two man approach means that you should always be able to speak to one of us when you need advice quickly.

  6. Numbers that help you make decisions

    The advice we provide on your accounting system will not only help reduce your end of year accountancy bill but will also enable you to get regular monthly information about the performance of your business. Such information will highlight problems, reduce the risk of fraud, help identify impending cash flow problems, focus on Key Performance Indicators and help you to capitalise on successes. We believe that if you can measure it you can manage it!

  7. Peace of mind

    Whilst the traditional work of the accountant is a necessary evil, it is important that it is organised in a way that ensures that it runs as smoothly as possible for you. As a result, provided you act on the correspondence and reminders sent by us, you will never receive late penalties for late returns and will get plenty of warning about tax bills approaching.

  8. Continuous improvement to the quality of our services

    As well as ensuring that our knowledge and qualifications remain as up to date as possible, we have invested thousands of hours developing processes and software to give the best possible co-ordinated service that we can. This investment is ongoing. The feedback from our client satisfaction questionnaire, client communication generally and new ideas from within our team are incorporated into our systems with the aim of constantly improving everything we do. Our business has grown every year since we came into business and that’s one of the reasons why.

  9. Fixed fees and advice on keeping your accountancy costs down

    On request we will provide you with a fixed fee quotation for the services that you know you will need from us. It might come with some terms and conditions attached regarding the quality of your records but if you keep your end of the deal we’ll keep ours. We’ll also give you plenty of advice on how you can reduce your accountancy costs if you need to.

  10. Active Referral Policy for your business

    Most of our growth has come because people have referred us and we want our clients to be just as successful. A4G operate an Active Referrals Policy via email newsletters, special offers on our website and LinkedIn to try and put our clients that are looking for new business in touch with others who might want to use their services. We can also put you in touch with a referral marketing specialist who will conduct a free review of your referral marketing strategy.

For more information please contact A4G on 01474 853856