A4G LLP Chartered Accountants - Who are we?

A4G Partners

We believe that we're one of the best accountancy firms in Kent. We have been in business since the mid-nineties, and from year one, we have grown consecutively every year – without interruption.

This success is based almost entirely on our client-focus. We’re more than just an accountants, in fact, we aim to be the best all round advisers to owner managers.

How can we do this? Well we believe that by understanding what the needs and wants of owner managers are, then we can help make their life easier. So we identified owner-managers potentially have 8 Needs & Wants:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Accounting Information on which to base decisions
  3. Tax Reduction
  4. The Building Blocks crucial to a successful new or emerging business
  5. The ability to deal with change and challenges
  6. Wealth planning
  7. Dependency reduction
  8. Cash and Profit

Aside from the 8 needs and wants, we have professionals in many different industries across our experienced team that can help advise you in all sorts of topics.

We currently operate from West Kingsdown, Kent, with our compliance team (those dedicated to getting your accounts, tax returns and all the important stuff that can otherwise catch you out) three miles down the road in New Ash Green, Kent. In these offices you’ll also find our sister companies which you can find out more about here.  

If you would like to know how A4G can help you – from standard accountancy to professional, experienced advice why not contact us on 01474 853856 and ask to speak to one of our Principal Advisers.

 "We're an accountancy practice dedicated to helping your business grow and succeed."