How IT has helped A4G to grow

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1st March 1995

Take over the practice of E Taylor Roalfe & Co in Longfield. Mountain of work, enthusiastic team, excellent client base but no computers!

June 1995

The first PC arrives at the office. Staff order post-traumatic stress counselling.

May 1996

First network created in the office with combined telephone and network points.

January 1998

100% success rate delivering self-assessment tax returns to Inland Revenue (as they were known back then) on time.

June 1998

Firm's first website goes live.

March 1999

Desk to desk emailing arrives and post-it note is banned.

November 2000

Launch of STIR (Saving time, improving results) software provides an online procedures manual and standardises office systems.

December 2002

Development of STIR Interactive software begins to automate many manual tasks.

July 2003

Introduction of Improve and Grow software to help owner-managers develop all aspects of business.

August 2004

Install second screen and split screen data cards on all computers to improve efficiency and prepare for going paperless.

February 2005

A4G go paperless after a huge scanning and shredding exercise. From now on the only paperwork that we will keep permanently will be documents that contain original client signatures, or those required for legal reasons. Efficiency improves massively.


A4G starts offering remote assistance to clients using Team Viewer product so that staff can log on the client’s account systems and make necessary changes.

February 2009

Heavy snowfalls see North and West Kent grind to a halt and many staff unable to commute to the office. Service to clients is uninterrupted as staff log on remotely from home and continue their work as normal.

April 2010

A4G change their main method of contact from letters to emails for all clients who prefer to communicate that way.

April 2011

After many a grey hair appears within our IT team, STIR interactive is redeveloped to be entirely bespoke, increasing efficiency and customer service.

June 2011

A4G begin investing into cloud software, including promoting Xero to clients.

August 2012

A4G welcomes its first dedicated IT staff member by taking on an apprentice, a collective sigh of relief is heard from juniors who are normally roped in to help.

September 2013

A4G drop old in search of new, computers and servers are replaced to generate further efficiency savings (and to make the IT department's life easier).

December 2013

Following extensive testing the A4G portal goes live, the first few clients are introduced to the system and problems are ironed out.

June 2014

A4G adopt Xero, Receipt Bank and Chaser as part of their key accounting software services.

Dec 2014 & Jan 2015

The portal is used to turnaround 200 of the last minute tax returns.

May 2015

The portal becomes the first point of call for tax checklists as email is dropped.

July 2015

A4G launches their Virtual Finance Director service.