Your workload is growing, your company is growing, and the pressure you’re under is growing.

For any small business, there comes a time where short-term “play it by ear” planning no longer gets the best out of your business. If you want to grow you need someone who can offer the right advice. You’re the expert at what you do, and you need an expert in finance who can come in and work together with you as a professional team, to help push your business further.

If you’re serious about growth, implementing the right systems and strategy is crucial – this is where a financial director can come in and help you make more informed choices.

So, what can a Finance Director provide?

  • The tools to clearly understand your current performance
  • The know-how to identify underlying financial concerns
  • Navigation and support with your ambitions
  • The ability to accurately forecast the finances
  • Management of your business value
  • Help to define the roles and reporting of your finance team
  • An exit strategy, and implementation

As an Owner-Manager, a Virtual FD is an affordable solution for you, to get the help you need at a fraction of the cost of a new employee. For any small business, there comes a time where short-term “gut feel” planning no longer gets the best out of your business.

But what is a Virtual Finance Director?

A Virtual FD will offer the same services that a full time traditional finance director can, except they work remotely. They’ll monitor your finances using cloud technology whilst offering professional guidance and insight.

(Not sure what we mean by Cloud Technology? Read our recent blog post on what cloud accounting is and how it can benefit your business, or visit our Xero page to see if you’re getting the most from your software)

But Financial Directors are just glorified accountants, aren’t they?

It’s a common, but understandable misconception. A Financial Director’s role is more than just number crunching. They offer strategic planning as well as protecting the company’s pocket. Taking your business’ success to the next level often requires a completely different set of skills to those that brought initial growth. This is where an FD can be invaluable.

So when is it time to bring them in? Well, with over 50% of UK start-ups failing in the first 5 years, why delay?

Professional financial advice is something no business owner can afford to pass up, but apart from this invaluable service, an FD can also offer a wealth of objective insight into market predictions, investment plans and improving management information by suggesting which accounts package to use.

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