Every business owner we’ve worked with who has achieved consistent growth year on year, has employed our 60:30:10 rule to deal with these limiting factors.

Reaching a point of consistent growth involves identifying the issues stopping your business from growing.

We find many Owner-Managers are good at identifying what the big immediate issue is, and putting all of their strategic time into addressing it.

However, focusing on the immediate problems can be a bit stop-start. You find that as soon as a challenge is overcome, you’re suddenly facing another.

The 60:30:10 rule involves spending 60% of your strategic time on the most pressing issue, 30% of your time on the issue which will become the most pressing , and 10% of your time on the one that follows.

Watch the series of videos below produced by Managing Partner, Malcolm, on how why you may not want to grow now, what’s stopping you and how to adopt the 60:30:10 rule of business growth in your business.

60:30:10 rule to business growth: You’re up and running, now what?

60:30:10 rule to business growth: Why you might not want to grow

60:30:10 rule to business growth: What’s stopping you from growing?

60:30:10 rule to business growth: Case study of small electrical company

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