Only 264 hours of online shopping until Christmas (apparently).

Seems like quite a lot of time to get things done doesn’t it? Well it would be if you didn’t have a huge “to do” list for your business as well.

I suspect that like me you are ticking things off and starting to panic about the things you’ve still got to do. For my team at A4G, this is also the busiest month of the year so we’re going to make this the last Friday night email until the New Year.

It’s been a long journey since we launched our nightly emails back on March 13th. Early on, I suggested that “optimism might not be the best strategy” and I think that’s still sound advice for 2021.

Many of you are doing ok at the moment. It’s not true that every business is struggling. The economic impact has not been evenly spread and whilst some of our clients are operating at less than 20% of their normal capacity, many are at the same capacity they were before this all kicked off.

But of course, most businesses have been insulated from the impact of the economic downturn by a sea of government debt. That can’t continue forever and undoubtedly there will be spending cuts and tax rises in 2021. There are already leaks coming out of the treasury which are probably deliberately testing the public reaction.

But as one of my oldest clients said to me during the financial crash of 2008, “it’s what you make it isn’t it?”. This recession, slump or simple readjustment will be no different. Some people will still succeed. There will still be opportunities.

Over the past four weeks, with friends of the firm Steve Backley and Roger Black, we have focussed on the foundations for success being:

After such a challenging year, many of us will be looking forward to that lull between Christmas and New Year when we spend a bit of family time to clear our brownie points overdraft and try and get a few in the bank for the New Year! It’s also a good time to fine-tune your plans for the New Year so that you’re ready to go when “the Big Ho-ho-ho” is all over.

If you’re looking for some inspiration some of the series that we’ve run contain all sorts of advice and recommendations. In particular, its worth checking out The 7 (make that 8) habits of highly effective people and the 10 vital ingredients for a recovering business in your new normal.

In the meantime, from the A4G marketing team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and we’ll be back in the 2021 to help you with the 4 Pillars of Performance.

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