We’ve all had a chuckle this week about one of the biggest blunders in the history of the Oscars, especially when it was revealed the error was down to two accountants.

The accountants work (or worked – depending on how things pan out!) for one of the top 4 accountancy firms in the world and are more than likely very highly qualified and competent individuals, but everyone makes mistakes. Many observers have been surprised that the accountancy profession was overseeing the handling of the envelopes in the first place, as it doesn’t seem very balance sheet related. Rather amusingly they actually went on a US city tour carrying the envelopes in a briefcase so who are we to deny them a taste of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle!

Accountants often rank highly amongst the most trusted professions so perhaps this played in a part in their appointment.

Away from Hollywood (although Kent is no less glamorous), at A4G, our mission statement is “To be the best all-round advisers to small owner-managed businesses” and the trust element is absolutely key to that and everything we do.

Being an owner-manager can be a lonely place sometimes and a huge responsibility, as not only are you trying to build a successful business and support your own family, there are your employees and their families. The pressure is likely to grow as you get bigger and become more successful. There are new considerations and challenges, such as workplace pensions, legal obligations, audit considerations, more scrutiny from your bank manager and that’s without the commitments of your personal life. It’s impossible to take on all this by yourself.

We truly understand and empathise with the evolving challenges our clients face and that’s why we’ve spent years expanding our knowledge, developing relationships and services beyond the realms of bog-standard accounting. For many of our clients we are now the “go-to” professional adviser whenever they have something good (or bad) going on in their lives, whether business related or personally.

We will always try to help and if we can’t we probably know someone that can… just don’t ask us to oversee your company end-of-year awards ceremony!

The one number you need: 01474 853 856. You can also keep up to date with any new legislation and any tips/news we have to share with our clients by signing up to our Monthly Bulletin below.


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