WEBINAR | Thursday 4th March 2021 | 8:30am

Whilst 2020 was probably the toughest year we’ve all faced as business owners, and one we will certainly never forget, we’re approaching another unforgettable and likely challenging time: the end of furlough on 31 April. 

This is the perfect time to start looking at how you can reduce your overheads, how to better streamline your processes, effective ways to manage and increase your cash flow, find out what expenses are deductible…

That’s why we’re teaming up with Focus Group to help you manage your money better. We’ll talk you through the ways you can save money, whilst getting more for what you’re paying for.

You’ll learn:

  • How to save money on existing overheads leaving you more cash in the bank AND improve your service, including the following:
    • Business energy
    • Telecoms
    • Office 365 simple wins
  • How to embrace and make the most of Cloud Accounting software
  • Everything you need to know about expenses – What’s deductible, what’s not and how to break the expenses down
  • How to get paid faster – Credit control and sending invoices
  • How to manage and increase your cash flow
  • How to review your management information
  • How to use all this to make key decisions to improve your business

Don’t enter this next period with your eyes closed. We have time to prepare and solutions to aid your business’ survival and success.

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How to manage your money better

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