The way us and our team have been working over the past year has been drastically different to what we’re used to. So it’s no wonder that as a business owner you’re worried about the productivity of your team and how that’s impacting your profitability. 

In this webinar, Emma White FCA, Partner at A4G, is joined by Linda Garcia, where we go into detail regarding: 

  • Calculating your break-even point (and why it’s so important to know it)
  • Tips for increasing your cashflow
  • The benefits of Xero for streamlining your processes (and therefore saving you time)
  • Which expenses are deductible?
  • How to increase productivity in your team an the hidden cost of low productivity and impact on your profits
It’s not one to miss whilst we continue through these unprecedented times.

Details of the webinar

When it ran: Thursday 22nd April 2021

Where: Zoom 

If you have any questions whilst watching, please email these over to and we’ll aim to get them answered or book you a meeting with one of our experts.

If you’d like to contact Linda directly, please email


Webinar Recording | Unravelling the mystery of Productivity