Why not just go with an offshore company?

By using us to bridge the gap, you will gain:

An offshore Bookkeeping Specialist who will be trained and working on live jobs within a week

A better structured team with clearly defined roles in both the UK and offshore, allowing your senior staff members to spend more time on higher value work

Confidence that your offshore team know what they’re doing. They’ll be trained using robust systems

Peace of mind that we’ll take care of everything for you from interviewing and shortlisting candidates to implementing systems and training. Plus identifying any weak areas and providing additional training 

See the Bookkeeping Systems in action

Watch the demo below. If you want a more in-depth demo, call Amanda on 01474 853 856 or email enquiries@a4g-llp.co.uk. 

Select your package

We offer 3 different packages, which can each be customised to your needs and requirements. Below is an idea of how we can help your accounting firm with offshoring.

  • Consultation with our UK supervisor
  • Write the offshore Bookkeeping Specialists job description (can be tweaked for the experience you require)
  • Vet shortlisted candidates
  • Host interviews for up to 3 candidates
  • Review and feedback on candidates
  • Implementation of relevant role-based systems to be used within your practice
  • Provision of detailed step-by-step online procedure manual for Bookkeeping Specialists
  • 1 week’s intensive training of your chosen Bookkeeping Specialists with our dedicated UK and offshore training staff
  • Monitor the progress of your Bookkeeping Specialists
Everything from the Starter package, plus:
  • A further 3 weeks under our training and supervision but working on your real jobs
  • Depending on relevance for your practice, we would recommend and therefore include various keys tasks around Xero, such as, but not limited to:
    • Completion of the Xero certification
    • Dext training
    • How to set up a new Xero account, etc.
  • Softer skills training such as email excellence, basic English and grammar, culture training and using timesheets
Everything from the Intermediate package, plus:
  • Implementation of Account Manager systems and training
  • Support with the reorganisation of your internal structure following our systems implementation

I want to offshore the Bookkeeping Specialist role, but… 

Don’t worry, you can use them for your internal Bookkeeping too!

Most partners / directors complete internal bookkeeping to avoid confidential figures being shared within your office, offshoring these roles avoids this.

We recommend you pick up the phone or better still, jump on a Teams or Zoom video call, enabling you communicate easier and build a relationship with the offshore team member.

On Teams / Zoom, you can also share your screen so you can go through any queries either of you have.

We will train them on the systems in one week. The following week they will be ready and working on your live jobs on their own (or if you’d like us to continue supervising them, we can do that too).

Absolutely! Implementing these systems for your UK team will improve the structure of roles for your whole team allowing senior members more time to spend on value-added work with your clients.

You may have staff members that express they don’t want to change the way they are working and “know what they’re doing.” We ask our whole team to read the book ‘The E-Myth‘ by Michael Gerber. This teaches them about what systems are and how they can help your team.

We are also more than happy to talk with your staff members about the benefits of using systems. For example, it allows staff to push work down to less experienced team members. This frees their time to spend on increasing their client base and working on value-added services for their clients. This will increase their chargeout rate, and therefore salary.

We’ve been using and developing our Bookkeeping systems for over 10 years. We use them with our own offshore and UK team so we know the process runs smoothly.

No. We would suggest your offshore staff member would only undertake the role of the Bookkeeping and therefore not have direct contact with your clients.

It all depends on how much involvement from us you require. The packages below are just a starting base, we are flexible with the support you need from us and therefore so is our cost.

Give us a call on 01474 853 856 or email enquiries@a4g-llp.co.uk to book a free discovery call with Amanda where we can find what support you require and offer you a more personalised quote.