Are your competitors doing better than you?

Have you ever asked your accountant "How am I doing?" or “Am I making enough money?” and your accountant has not been able to reply as they don’t know.

A4G are specialists that can confidentially compare and benchmark you against other similar businesses. We are able to tell you how you compare financially to your competitors, on top of this we can also identify your strengths, and more importantly your weaknesses that can lead to significant improvements in business performance. 

A4G’s benchmarking service will provide you with a personalised report comparing your business to others in your industry and provide you with invaluable advice to help improve your profitability, allowing a fresh look at your business.

This tool provides a fact-based analysis of key strengths and weaknesses, as well as calculating the potential value of introducing the recommended improvements.

A4G’s benchmarking service helps you to:

  • Highlight what you are doing well from an independent perspective
  • Identify specific problem areas within your business
  • See what improvements can be made
  • Predict the additional profits which can be generated from making changes
Report starts from £99 + vat

Being able to ask the right questions is vital to establish what the business does now, what its competitors are doing differently and what should be happening to stay ahead of the competition.

If you would like a benchmark report for your company please contact us on (01474) 853 856.