Good bookkeeping is the foundation of a good business… 

At A4G Bookkeeping we know how important accurate and reliable bookkeeping is. As well as keeping you out of trouble with HM Revenue and Customs, a good bookkeeping system will provide you with accurate information about who owes you money, how much you have in the bank and what profit you have made last month. It will also help keep your end of year accountancy costs down!

Our team of experienced Account Managers can provide a service tailored to you either remotely or at your premises.

And then you can do what you do best: running and growing your business.

Why choose A4G Bookkeeping?

We’re experienced and knowledgeable 

We’ve got over 25 years’ experience providing essential client support. We can turn our hand to any software our clients wish, and have a wealth of experience on Sage and Quickbooks (if that’s what you prefer) although we mostly use Xero.

Our systems are amazing!

We have detailed systems that set out every step required to provide you with high quality records. We adapt our standard processes to include any issues that are specific to you e.g. unusual types of transactions or arrangements with third parties, different payment methods. Anything in fact which is different to the norm.

We really understand the construction industry

If you are in the construction industry you will know that there are a number of areas where your bookkeeping is different to the rest of the country. It’s almost as if the government doesn’t trust you!

Our systems cover all the aspects of the Construction Industry Scheme and the Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT.

Access to your own records

We will give you access to your own bookkeeping records so you can access various reports whenever you wish and we will show you how to use the sales invoicing function and send invoices direct to your customers.