What we do

We are a group of Chartered Accountants in Kent and we believe business owners have 8 needs and wants and it is our primary aim to ensure each of those are met.

We’re an accountancy practice based in Kent, dedicated to helping your business grow & succeed

We pride ourselves on being more than accountants, in fact we aim to be the best all-round advisers to owner managed businesses.

Are you looking for more than just an accountant?

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We have 25 years of uninterrupted continuous growth

Our success has come from focusing on the needs and wants of our clients for the future not just the historical numbers of the past. A4G is an abbreviation of Accountants 4 Growth because that’s exactly what we want to be for you whether growth is in the size of your business or simply the cash in your pocket.

We’ll take care of all the compliance stuff but also give you whatever advice you need.

  • The work undertaken by A4G struck a perfect balance between saving tax and giving me the flexibility to do whatever I wanted.

    Steve Backley