The solution

The experience of running your own practice is sure to be far from the expectations you had when you were training, and working for somebody else’s.

Whatever your experience of finances, there are usually areas in which you will need advice from someone with a specialist knowledge in the industry.

Who we’ve helped

We help practices and locums around the UK.

The one thing we hear the most from the practices we help is how refreshing it is to work with us, because by putting some simple, logical steps in place, we can clear away the financial fog that clouds around your practice, or personal situation.

We can relieve the stress by keeping things simple. We’ll help you understand and plan your future tax position, and structure efficient methods to withdraw your earnings from the business.

What can we do?

We take a holistic approach to our service, placing the individual hopes and goals of our clients at the centre of all we do, to ensure that we’re giving tailored advice.

We have helped practices from start up to retirement and have a wealth of knowledge to assist all in the veterinary industry, from running a practice to operating as a consulting locum, to much broader aspects such as tax planning in relation to property and investment.

We’re Xero Platinum Partners

What does this mean and why should you care?

You may have heard that Tax is going digital, and as a result, thousands of businesses are abandoning Sage. Why? Because using cloud accounting software that complies with the governments’ plans to make tax digital is now a must, as opposed to a luxury – and you want to get the best package at the best cost. Our Cloud Accounting Team (link to cloud accounting page) will work with you to get the most out of the software you have, but after trying them all, we recommend Xero as the most innovative, efficient cost-effective solution. It’s no surprise that Xero have 1,000,000+ subscribers worldwide!

Being a Xero Platinum Partner firm means that we have experts on hand to help with all things Xero, from migrating your data from your old system, to tailor-making a package that really aids the growth and efficiency of your practice. Our team are constantly busy trying and testing the apps that integrate with Xero (of which there are hundreds) to take care of the areas of business you hate, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Meet Josh

Josh is part of the furniture. He’s been helping clients at A4G get in control of their business since 2006.

His stand out skills are in the veterinary industry, where he has helped many practices in a variety of ways.

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Josh Curties

BA (Hons) FCA

Partner & Principal Adviser

01474 853856

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