We focus on the issues which are relevant and important to trustees

We understand that trustees need to retain a pension scheme auditor that they can trust and have confidence in.

We may be a smaller company, but we are able to offer expert services at least comparable to those of the larger accountancy practices, but at a more reasonable and realistic price.

What we do

We work with pension scheme trustees to ensure that they comply, providing clear-hassle free services for a reasonable price.

With services covering, but not limited to, the following, you can ensure all your requirements are met:

Pension Scheme Audits

Our team of professionals have developed a fine-tuned systemised process to allow us to offer a tailored approach to each scheme and provide detailed analysis of your records.

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Pension Scheme Accounts

This is undertaken by our experienced specialists who operate independently of our audit department, giving assurance that there is no cross-over, self-review or potential conflict.

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Employer Covenant Reviews

Our experts provide a specialist service advising trustees of the financial status of the employer now and in the future and the options they can take.

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Pension Tax Returns

We can undertake the filing of tax returns using our systemised approach and robust process to ensuring the return is complete and submitted on time, saving you a penalty.

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Cash Flow Management

Our team can provide regular cash flow forecasting and reporting for pension schemes so you can review the financial state of the scheme and look for potential issues ahead.

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Payroll for Pension Schemes

We can prepare and run the either as a stand-alone function for the trustees, or alongside also running the payroll for the sponsoring employer’s business.

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Company accounts

Whilst trustees will be focusing on the pension scheme accounts, the sponsoring employer will also have to prepare their own accounts for the business. Our priority is to ensure that everything we do is not only accurate but is communicated properly to you.

Rest assured, this work is carried out within a separate department to the pension accounts, giving sponsoring employers confidence that the issues raised remain confidential.

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