An audit will review the amounts reflected through the records and consider the risk of error or fraudulent activity taking place.

Whilst an audit does not provide 100% guarantee that the pension scheme finances and the accounts are risk free they offer a high level of assurance which is relied upon by the Pensions Regulator.

As part of an audit we would complete the following:

  • Plan with the trustees a suitable timetable to complete the audit (well within statutory timelines)
  • Correspond with the scheme administrators to collect required information in a prompt manner
  • Complete an audit assessment based on factors raised on a review of the accounts
  • Provide an audit report signed by us to confirm if the accounts provide a true and fair view
  • Provide details of items causing concern and potential solutions to the problems

We are also happy to meet with the scheme trustees to discuss our findings, if required.

At Accountants 4 Pension Schemes we have developed systemised approaches to allow us to complete a detailed analysis of your records. We also look at the bigger picture for your scheme and where appropriate, will offer positive suggestions to resolving potential conflicts going forward.

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