Personal Tax Return
6th April 2018 – 5th April 2019

There are two sections that require completing by yourself.

  • High Income Child benefit tax charge
  • Additional tax return questions

There are explanations as you go along which will hopefully help with what information we will need for each question, these will help you should you have any queries. At the end, there is a ‘Submit’ button and the answers you have provided will be sent to the Personal Tax Manager plus the link to the portal to upload any paperwork.

In order to prepare your tax return, please ensure you have all of the following information with you so that at the end of the checklist you can upload all of your documents to the portal, for example, your P60’s, P11d’s, bank statements showing any interest received, pension contribution statements, any dividends received, rental property statements, everything that we would need to complete the process.

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