What are R&D tax credits? 

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive designed to reward companies for investing in innovation. In short, any project that seeks an advancement in technology or improves an existing process, service or product will qualify for R&D. The project doesn’t even necessarily need to be successful for you to claim tax credits.

Valuable cash injection for businesses

Especially with the uncertainty and challenging times in recent years, many businesses are looking to update or diversify their products and services. In doing this, you will qualify for a cash injection in the form of R&D tax credits. This can be used to refuel growth, hire new staff and re-invest in the innovation of your products and services, and once again be rewarded for your innovations with R&D tax credits.

R&D can transform your business by refuelling growth.

R&D cycle of innovation and growth

How do R&D tax credits work?

Businesses that spend money on developing or improving new products, services or processes can claim either a cash payment or a Corporation Tax reduction, depending on if you are profit or loss making.

Projects which were completed up to two accounting periods ago are eligible.

Is my business eligible for R&D?

The scope for being eligible for R&D is huge. R&D exists in every single sector. The only eligibility you need to meet are, you must:

  • Be a limited company in the UK who are subject to corporation tax
  • Be a limited company as a member of an LLP
  • Have spent money on your R&D project

What costs qualify for R&D?

  • Your team who spent time working on the R&D project – Their salaries, wages, class 1 NIC and pension fund contributions
  • 65% of subcontractor costs
  • Software costs
  • Materials that are consumed in your process, such as water, fuel and power

Why choose A4G?

Access to a dedicated R&D specialist

We have been submitting R&D claims since 2014, having saved our clients over £5 million in R&D tax savings and have a 100% success rate for submitted claims

Pricing tailored to your business 

We tailor our pricing based on the innovation and project

We talk your language

The process can be a little overwhelming, but we’ll explain to you what’s happening every step of the way so you understand the process

No win, no fee

If the R&D application is not successful, we will not charge you

So what’s next?

If you think you are undertaking work which may qualify for R&D tax relief – then you need to find out. We offer a FREE discovery session where we can quickly identify the likelihood of making a successful claim. We can then work with you to make your claim, so you can keep innovating and growing your business.

Email us at discovery@a4g-llp.co.uk or give us a call on 01474 853 856 to get the ball rolling with your R&D claim. 

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