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Our Breakthrough programmes are designed to help five types of business owners…

Those who are looking to gain control | Breakthrough Virtual FD Programme

Do you want the benefit of a Finance Director without the cost of employing one full-time?

We can help you get in control of your finances, improve your cashflow and enable you to make better informed decisions with our Breakthrough Virtual FD Programme…

Get in control of my finances

Those who want to grow | Breakthrough Growth Programme

Finding and making time to work on your business (not just in it) is hard, but it’s also the single biggest thing that’ll move you forwards…

This is why we created our Breakthrough Growth Programme. We will help you push your business to reach its full potential.

Start working ON your business, overcome factors limiting growth and watch your business flourish…

Start working ON my business
Growth concept - Mans Hand Reaching For Red Ladder Leading To A Blue Sky

Those who want freedom | Breakthrough Freedom Programme

You’ve spent years growing your business. Life and personal events are often interrupted due to your business commitments.

You’ve always thought of your business as an investment but you don’t know how you’ll ever achieve a better work/life balance, or actually make it your pension fund.

You want freedom. Our Breakthrough Freedom Programme can help you achieve just that…

Gain freedom from my business
businessman relaxing freedom

Those who need to recover | Breakthrough Recovery Programme

Do you get that sickening feeling in your stomach every day? Are you struggling to sleep at night because you’re worried your business won’t survive?

Burying your head in the sand and hoping your business issues will go away, won’t work. Your business needs rebuilding and you need to act fast.

With our Breakthrough Recovery Programme we can help steer you out of tricky situations…

Recover and rebuild my business

Those who are just starting out | Breakthrough Startup Programme

You’ve had a great idea. You’ve come up with an all-singing-all-dancing product or service that’s going to change people’s lives. You’ve turned it into a business.

Now what?

Don’t make the same mistakes many have made, don’t look back in 5 years’ wishing you’d done XYZ. Get the right building blocks in place for success with our Breakthrough Startup Programme…

Get the building blocks in place

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Read Accidental Millionaires: The secret mindset successful business owners share with sporting legends

Accidental Millionaires is the first book by Malcolm Palmer (our managing partner at A4G).

With contributions from two of Team GB’s greatest and most successful athletes, Steve Backley and Roger Black, Accidental Millionaires will challenge your thinking, help you address your blind spots and steer you from where you are now to wherever you want to be.

Read Accidental Millionaires now

Grow and recover with Offshoring

Are you struggling to find staff to fit the skills you require in the UK? Are you having to turn down work or struggling to grow due to capacity issues?

You’re not alone. Difficulties finding staff is the biggest barrier to growth for almost every business right now. Did we say growth? For some businesses it’s a barrier even to staying still!

But there’s a solution: Offshoring.

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