Wealth planning is so more than just pensions and investing to grow your wealth. We combine long-term personal wealth planning with your business plans to help you:

  • Invest in your future by growing your wealth
  • Plan for retirement
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Help you pass on your wealth to your family in the most tax efficient way
  • Structure investments to maximise the value of your business
  • Make the most of tax savings after selling assets

At A4G, we work in partnership with you and Independent Financial Advisers to ensure you have a plan in place to live your desired lifestyle during retirement, maximise the value of your business and investments and ensure your family is protected.

Wealth planning services 

We deliver advice on all of your financial and wealth planning needs. This includes advice and support on:

You will be able to:

  • Save money by paying the legal minimum amount of tax
  • Plan your cash flow for approaching tax liabilities
  • Get the most of your hard-earned cash
  • Learn how to efficiently purchase and dispose of personal assets and investments
  • Have a clear plan for retirement now to ensure you have enough to live your desired lifestyle
  • Sleep easy knowing your wealth and family are protected
  • Achieve your financial goals

In a meeting of 1 hour, we will:

  • Review your personal tax position including your dividends, drawings and other income
  • Estimate your personal tax liabilities
  • Review of your pensions and/or work closely with your IFA
  • Review your retirement planning
  • Consideration of your investment strategy
  • Provide a plan with clear action points

Our team can provide objective advice on choosing the best, most tax efficient investment vehicle.

The option that is best for you depends on the stage you’re in in your life and what your needs and goals are, both short-term and long-term. For many people it may be a mixture.

There are many options out there, and alternatives include:

  • Your own name
  • Family members
  • A limited company
  • A Limited Liability Partnership
  • Pension (including those where you choose your own investments)
  • Trust

The tax rules surrounding property investment have become a greater burden and created greater stress for investors in recent years. But this doesn’t mean that this avenue is closed as a viable investment for your future.

There are many ways to invest in property and our specialist advisers and accountants can help you find the right structure to suit your circumstances and help you consider the types of property to invest in.

To find out more about investing in property, visit our specialist page for Accountants for Landlords.

All investments should be made cautiously. We are able to provide objective advice on any investment products or strategies to ensure you pick the investment that is right for you and your future goals.

Whatever stage you are at in your life this service is critical for protecting your family, mortgage, loans and safeguarding your business in the future should your circumstances change. We can put you in touch with our recommended Independent Financial Advisers to arrange this.

To achieve your ambitions for life after, you need to have financial plans in place that will provide you with the income for your desired lifestyle. It is imperative your wealth lasts as long as it needs to, and with life expectancy continuing to rise, many of us may be looking at a good 30 years of retirement. We can help you plan for that blissful retirement you’ve worked so hard for all your life in our ‘retirement calculator’ session.

We’ll provide you with a long-term plan for your whole life, that will cost you less than one week’s pay. You’ll come away from the session feeling:

  • Less financial fear, when we discover and target any shortfalls you may have in your current monthly savings
  • Equipped to move forward with the real figure you need to save per month in order to secure the retirement income you desire
  • Adjust your levels of savings based on fluctuating interest and inflation rates
  • Motivated (and sometimes relieved!) when we calculate how much longer you need to work for before retiring based on your current savings level
  • At peace that you’re heading on the right road to retirement

You’ve spent your whole life building your business, now you need to have a solid plan for passing it on. Our sister company, A4G Legacy, can help you with advice, guidance and support – when you need it most by:

Preparing Wills

If you die without a valid Will, your estate will be distributed according to the law, which means your wishes won’t be carried out. A4G Legacy can gather the names of your family and friends you’d like to benefit, provide advice on the type and design of the Will and put the document together for you.

Lasting Power of Attorney

In the event of losing mental capacity, the Court of Protection would have the power to control your property and finances. A lasting power of attorney (LPA) enables you to choose who would make decisions in your best interest. By asking relevant questions, A4G Legacy can prepare this document to ensure that people chosen by you can carry out your wishes.


Following your death, if the assets you leave behind are more than a certain value, your chosen executor may have to apply to the court in order to carry out your wishes. A4G Legacy can act as your legal representative to settle any liabilities that you may have and then distribute your assets to your chosen beneficiaries.