Ever feel like everything depends on you?

And no-one understands?

Then you must be a small business owner!

You’re not alone of course. Up and down the country, tens of thousands of business owners feel just like you. And they get lots of well-meaning advice like “you just have to delegate more” or “you need to prioritise”. All very annoying when you feel like you’ve delegated everything that can be done by the people you have available to delegate to and that you start prioritising the second your eyelids open each morning.

We understand though. We’ve worked with thousands of business owners who feel like you.

And that’s why we’ve made 2024 the year of “Making your business less dependant on you”. Over the course of the next 12 months, we’ll be releasing fortnightly podcasts and blogs including lots of practical advice and interviews with other business owners who’ve been done it, bought the tee-shirt, didn’t have time to wear the tee-shirt but come out the other side.

Listen to the podcast! 

By discussing the challenges owner managers face spending all their time working in your business, Making Your Business Less Dependent On You is a podcast for owner managers craving a better work/life balance and time to actually work on your business, not in it. Tune in every other Wednesday for a blend of expertise and stories from those who ‘get it’…

“Malcolm’s ability to guide owner-managers in making their businesses less dependent on them is invaluable. His insightful strategies and practical advice have empowered me to achieve a newfound freedom in my business, allowing me to focus on growth rather than being bogged down in day-to-day operations.

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Read the blog!

The Making Your Business Less Dependent On You blog is essentially a series of exclusive chapters from Malcolm’s book. Each chapter is full of practical advice  to aid you on the journey of making your business less dependent on you.

New chapter released every fortnight.

So you’ve listened to the podcast, read the blogs, now what…? 

Now it’s time to build your action plan and make it happen!

Together, we will:

  • Discuss the day to day issues affecting your business
  • Identify opportunities for automation, delegation and systemisation
  • Document key roles in the business
  • Put together systems for your critical processes
  • Produce a plan for scaling up
  • Consider offshoring roles

You will come away from the session with an action plan of who is to do what, and by when with the option of follow up reviews to analyse what has worked and what needs further tweaking.

The missing piece of the dependency jigsaw… Offshoring

There’s one more piece to the puzzle to make your business less dependent on you: Offshoring.

Meet Durban Offshoring, our trusted podcast sponsor, ready to guide you through the world of offshoring and help you unlock its potential.

Offshoring is where you hire talented employees overseas, seamlessly integrating them into your team, and empowering them to contribute to your company’s success. Durban Offshoring can help you review roles and systems, identify areas where support is needed to save you precious time. They’ll even take care of drafting job descriptions, posting ads, shortlisting candidates, and handling all the legal paperwork, from contracts to integration.

Imagine having a skilled offshore team at your fingertips, working from our dedicated office space, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. With the burden of day-to-day tasks lifted, you’ll finally achieve that elusive work/life balance.

Ready to take the leap? Book a free 1-2-1 session with Durban Offshoring today and discover how they can help make your business thrive while reducing your dependency on it.