During these challenging times we are all having to adapt to ensure continual growth and utilise the time to prepare for a new working environment.
Keeping a positive mindset and outlook can help us all face the challenges head on.
Friends of the firm, and ex-Olympians, Steve Backley and Roger Black (of BackleyBlack) have been busy during lockdown creating a new programme to offer valuable content, insights and inspiration to individuals and teams.
Introducing their new Mind-Setting programme…

What is Mind-Setting?

Mind-Setting is a new online personal development programme which integrates the best sports practices with proven personal development skills and habits of high performers to help you optimise their performance.

The programme is split into an easy-to-follow guide to help you build the best version of yourself in your professional, sporting and everyday life.

Is the Mind-Setting programme right for you?

The programme is designed to aid individuals who want to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. It is believed that performance comes from achieving excellence in three key areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Behaviours

Mind-Setting is focused around one main area, behaviours.

Using their own key skills and habits they’ve developed being successful olympians, the online programme will guide you through the essential habits that make up effective behaviours.

This is not only useful if you want to improve in your sporting field, but the skills will transfer into wherever they are required in everyday life.

Features of the Mind-Setting Programme

  • Can access the programme on any device, on the go
  • Access at any time
  • Learn in your own time, at your own pace
  • Bite-size content so it is not overwhelming

Benefits of the Mind-Setting Programme

  • Improved motivation and drive
  • Help to reach your goals in your personal and professional life
  • Increased time efficiency
  • Increased clarity and purpose
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness
  • Better work-life balance
  • Ability to face challenges with a clearer head

Which Mind-Setting skills does the programme cover?

There are 20 characteristics that research has shown outstanding performers display.

Using this pattern, Steve and Roger have created this programme  to enable you to become more effective and successful by converting each characteristic into a practice.

How does the programme work?

Mind-Setting has been chunked in to 5 phases where you will be guided through each of the 20 practices via a short video.

Each practice has been specifically designed to build from the previous – part of a specific system to deliver high performance step by step. Beginning each section with a video introduction aiming to help users envision how to create more positive habits and apply them to their own journey.

The 5 stages of development

Phase 1: Foundations for Success

  • Commit to Success
  • Creating Empowering Beliefs
  • Compelling Goals
  • Solve Problems and Reflect

Phase 2: The 4 Pillars of Performance

  • Self-Aware / Strengths
  • Align Values
  • Take Initiative/ Make Good decisions
  • Productivity

Phase 3: Key Skills

  • High Emotional IQ
  • Be Resilient
  • Develop a Clear Vision
  • Creatively Challenge Convention

Phase 4: Deeper Thinking

  • Think Strategic
  • Be Assertive
  • Highly Motivated
  • Influencing & Build Effective Relationships

Phase 5: Analysis and Reflection

  • Face Facts and Reality
  • Embrace Change
  • Learn Continuously
  • Work Life Balance

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 Inspired by conversations with Steve and Roger going through every stage of their Mind-Setting series, Malcolm Palmer, wrote a book! Accidental Millionaires, explores the secret mindset successful business owners share with sporting legends.

With contributions from Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE, the book draws (often in a light-hearted way) on the experiences and sometimes overwhelming challenges business owners faced as the Pandemic hit in 2020. It will challenge your thinking; help you address your blind spots and steer you from where you are now to wherever you want to be

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