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A franchised business comes with huge advantages. You know there is a demand for your product or service, and you can learn much faster because the best practices developed by the franchisor means you don’t make the same mistakes others have. However, there are still some confusing and time-consuming finance tasks that you need to complete.

As Accountants for Franchisees, we can take care of everything for you from Bookkeeping and Payroll to Accounts and Tax Compliance to personal and business wealth and tax planning. We will help your franchise business flourish from day one and help you to achieve your goals.

Why choose us

The support you need

By joining us, you’ll get a two-person approach to your business – a Principal Adviser who will oversee everything and give you the best possible advice, and a Client Manager who will produce your accounts, tax returns and other areas. So not only will there always be someone at the end of the phone for advice and support but you’ll get a full-rounded service.

We give advice in a way you will understand

We believe that the true test of any professional adviser is not what they know but how they apply that knowledge to their client’s benefit and perhaps most importantly communicate that knowledge to you.

Franchisee experts

Our team have a wealth of experience working with both franchisees and franchisors and understand how to help you meet sales targets and run a successful franchise

Added value 

We’ll add value to your franchise beyond just completing your tax returns. We will ensure you are tax efficient, help you increase your profits, plan for the future, and so much more.

What will you gain working with us?

  • Support to make your franchise business more focused and profitable
  • Ability to anticipate cash flow issues and deal with them before they become a problem
  • Maximise the potential of your franchise business
  • Improve, streamline and automate areas of your business
  • Pay the legal minimum in tax
  • Relevant and reliable management accounts to help you make informed decisions

How we will support you

  • Set up your accounting system and processes
  • Produce annual accounts
  • Corporation Tax returns
  • Compliance with Companies Act
  • Self-assessment tax returns
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Monthly or weekly payroll and pension requirements
  • Helping you identify your real break-even point
  • Building a profit model and targets
  • Break-even analysis
  • Automate and streamline your processes
  • Management accounts and analysis to help you grow your franchise

Looking for a franchise accountant? Get in touch today

If you’ve recently joined a franchise network and you’re looking to get your finances in order or start-up the right way, or you’re looking to switch and get more from your accountant, get in touch by emailing discovery@a4g-llp.co.uk or calling 01474 853 856 to book your free discovery session.

One of our specialist franchise accountants and advisers will be in touch to discuss your franchise business in detail and how we can help enhance your business, improve your bottom line, and exceed your franchisor’s expectations, whilst keeping you compliant and tax-efficient.

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