The annual personal tax return remains a necessary evil for many. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth and painless process, but to make this happen there’s lots of work we undertake behind the scenes which you may not be aware of.

The 13 steps to our tax return success are:

  1. Requesting information promptly after the tax year end by providing a checklist for you to complete, covering all bases and probable scenarios.
  2. Follow up reminders from our Tax Department, as we know tax can sometimes find its way to the bottom of the pile.
  3. Undertaking a thorough review of the records provided to us and a telephone call to cover off any queries and outstanding items.
  4. Summarising your personal tax return information and ensuring we hold sufficient documentation on file so that we have it to hand, just in case HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) decide to check any aspects of your return.
  5. Calculating your personal tax liability or refund and preparation of your personal tax return.
  6. Your Client Manager will undertake a thorough review of your personal tax return to ensure it is complete and accurate, making any necessary adjustments.
  7. Your Client Manager will prepare a personal tax return report for you, explaining what has been included on your personal tax return, the reason(s) for your liability/refund, HMRC payment details and personal tax planning issues.
  8. Your Principal Adviser will undertake a final review of all the important documents to ensure all issues relevant to you have been considered.
  9. We will then provide you with your personal tax return report, supporting schedules and personal tax return for you to review, approve and sign.
  10. Our Tax Department monitor the dates of all these processes so will send you follow up reminders to review, approve and sign your return, well ahead of the filing deadline.
  11. Upon receipt of your approval, we will submit your personal tax return to HMRC.
  12. We will check the submission receipt to your details to confirm that HMRC have accepted your return and this will be saved on file. This means that HMRC can never successfully charge a late filing penalty.
  13. Finally, we will review any subsequent computations or correspondence received from HMRC to ensure it agrees the records we hold for you.

This can all be achieved efficiently after the end of the tax year, enabling you to meet your obligations and quickly move on to much more important matters.

If you’re not already completing your personal tax return the A4G way, please call us today!

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