It seems like only yesterday, but 25 years ago today I was sitting in my office over the top of the hairdressers in Longfield with a whole load of clients and a massive backlog of work contemplating what to do next.

Priorities in those first few days were based on whichever client shouted the loudest. We hung on to most of them and many are still clients 25 years later, albeit some are retired and no longer run businesses.

The practice has now had twenty-five years of uninterrupted continuous growth.

There are hundreds of reasons why we’ve managed to keep growing even in tricky times but the only one that connects them all up is having a growth mindset.

I realise that starts with me, but it means that I’ve always looked to take on others with the same mindset.

In any service business, your turnover each week is the lower of two things: the amount of work we have to do for clients or the amount of work that our current team are able to do.

So it’s a constant battle to try and get the one that is lower than the other to catch up. And then you over-do it and the other one becomes the lower figure.

But keep fighting that battle and turnover will grow. 

Read our article on our 60:30:10 rule to business growth (and keep a watch out for a video explaining it in more detail over on our YouTube channel) to see how you can grow your business in the same way we have for the last 25 years.

Thank you to all of our clients for trusting us throughout the years. Let’s see if we can make it 26 years of uninterrupted continuous growth!

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