The impact of Coronavirus on owner-managed businesses is developing on an almost hourly basis and as a business owner you are probably struggling to keep on top of the rollercoaster of changes that are among us.

In view of these challenges, we’ve put together a Coronavirus HR factsheet to answer some of the most common questions you and your employees will have over the coming weeks.

Some of the questions answered in the factsheet include:

  • What should I do if I have employees within vulnerable groups, such as pregnant workers?
  • What do I do if someone refuses to come into work?
  • Do I have to pay employees who have Coronavirus?
  • What do I do if my employee can’t come to work due to school closures?
  • What if I have no work available for my employees?
  • If I have to lay-off staff, do I have to pay them?

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Coronavirus HR Factsheet

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The factsheet is intended as a general guidance only. If you have any specific questions related to those discussed in the factsheet, please contact Donna Bygrave by calling 01474 853 856 or emailing

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  • Information on how you can apply for the business loans announced by the Government and if they are the right option for your business
  • How you can apply for the Statutory Sick Pay credit
  • How to apply for the small business grant delivered by the local authorities
  • Advice on whether you should put your business into hibernation 
  • HR advice on how to support your employees mental health
  • Information on the tax changes as a result of coronavirus
  • Advice on cashflow and management accounts

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