Dependency reduction

Our team can help you identify and put together an action plan including the steps you need to take to reduce the number of things you have to do. Having a business dependent on the owner makes it extremely difficult to sell, or even retire from.

We will:

  • Interview you about the day to day issues affecting your business
  • Identify opportunities for automation, delegation and systemisation
  • Help document key roles in the business
  • Put together systems for your critical processes
  • Produce a plan for scaling up
  • Consider offshoring roles

You will come away from the session with an action plan of who is to do what, and by when with the option of follow up reviews to analyse what has worked and what needs further tweaking.

Focusing on your key strengths

Of course, not all businesses can be fully delegated and often you are the key talent the business sells. You’re probably thinking: how can you reduce dependency if you are the business?

Rest assured, our team have a lot of experience with helping businesses like yours. We can help you:

  • Identify what your business needs to do
  • Identify the aspects of the business that you enjoy and what your objective strengths and weaknesses are
  • Build a team around you to free up your time

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