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In this event recording, we are going to take you on a journey from a life of endless work hours, incessant phone calls and emails during holidays to a time where your business flourishes without being entirely reliant on you giving you the option to cut back on work hours or sell your business.

Imagine you have all the money you need to live the lifestyle you want. You have all the time to do what you want. What does that look like? That vision is not a million miles away. We can help make this your reality.

What you’ll gain from watching this event recording:

  1. How to increase the value of your business
  2. What will make your business attractive to third party buyers
  3. How to retire with enough money for the lifestyle you want
  4. How to make your business less dependent on you
  5. How your management team could buy you out
  6. Your 5 routes to financial freedom

The full event recording

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