Details you will need to apply

1. Access to your online government gateway account or that authorisation for A4G to have full agent access to PAYE. 

This is not always automatic because HMRC have a file only system that some of our older clients will be registered under, but for most clients that have employees and monthly payslips we should have this access sorted. If you run your own payroll, we will need to help you remotely using your log in – you will need to be a little more involved in the process if this is the case, I am afraid.

2. Bank details for receiving the money: You will need the sort code and account number for a UK bank account that you want the grant to be paid into. I would say that there may also be a requirement to evidence that this account is in the name of the employer applying for the grant.

3. Name and contact details for the person responsible for the claim and keeping the data if there are questions. This might be us, but it may also be whoever is responsible for the HR in your business. It should be the person who can answer HMRC questions quickest if they were to call to check details of the application

4. Your HMRC Business References: This includes your employer PAYE Reference for the employment scheme, the business’s UTR number (a 10-digit reference that is included on all HMRC correspondence for your business). If your business is a limited company, you will need to have Companies House Company Number to hand as well as the.

5. Employee Details and claim value per employee: Our furlough log will help you summarise this information, but the key items are:

    • Employee’s full name
    • Employee’s National Insurance number, 
    • Start and end date within this claim period they are furloughed (more on this below)
    • Value of the claim for this employee (being the adjusted gross pay for the employee in this specific furlough period and the apportioned Employers NI and Employers Pension contribution.  Currently we are calculating this on our furlough logs. HMRC have released guidance on the 17th and we have updated the logs in accordance if you had this direct from the marketing team the update is being issued to you on Monday. Failing that ask your Client Manager for details)

6. Total value for the claim

7. The date range for the furlough claim (this bit is important!).  More detail on this below.

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