When it comes to large claims, more work is usually required and we spend additional time with our client’s to ensure that we are able to support and maximise their claims as far as possible. We have completed a claim for a client of ours for several years and in terms of scale, few others come close.

From a very simple developmental idea to increase the rate at which wood is ejected from a chipper a large R&D project was born. Our client worked tirelessly to develop and adapt designs to increase the flow rate for waste expulsion and prevent blockage within their industrial grade machinery.


The problem in preparation of this claim was the sheer scale of it, the number of people involved, the materials, software and design costs were immense and proved tough to manage. A4G were able to help in this process, ensuring efficiency and thorough review throughout.

This case enabled us to really test not only ourselves in terms of our capacity, but also our processes and client management strategy, our efforts resulted in a positive outcome for both us and the client.


At the end of this process, we were able to obtain a refund for our client to the value of £115,976.40.

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A4G has a proven track record of helping clients claim for and maximise the value of their R&D claims and we’d like to help you do the same. We have been submitting R&D claims since 2014, having saved our clients over £5 million in R&D tax savings.

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