Brexit: A message from the Business Secretary

It is fair to say that owner-managers can be forgiven for allowing Brexit to fall down their list of priorities; there have been one or two other pressing matters to attend to.

However, this month, the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, has written to all businesses at their registered office address to remind them that the transition period ends on 31st December 2020 and there will be new rules to follow from 1st January 2021 for businesses that deal with Europe.

You need to act now if you are:

  • Importing goods from the EU
  • Exporting goods to the EU
  • Moving goods to or from Northern Ireland
  • Travelling to the EU
  • Living and working in the EU
  • Staying in the UK if you are an EU citizen

You should also check with your key suppliers and customers that they are also taking action.

The impact on your business and the changes you need to make will depend on your business sector and how it operates.

Please visit where you will be able to complete a two-minute questionnaire to get a complete list of what you need to do.

The Government is providing a range of support, including webinars which are available to watch on demand at

There is a risk that your business operations will be interrupted if you are not ready for the new rules from 1st January 2021.

Take action to survive and thrive

Whether or not you agree with the Government’s assessment that Brexit will bring new opportunities to your business and the UK economy, there will be issues within your business that you need to tackle if you are to survive and thrive.

Our Breakthrough programmes are designed to help four types of business owners:

  1. Those who are just starting their business
  2. Those who want to grow
  3. Those who want more freedom by either selling up or making their business less dependent on them
  4. Those who need help emerging from the Coronavirus pandemic and rebuild their business in a profitable and efficient way

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