Profitable on Paper, Empty Bank Account? Here’s Why!

Last week we shared a detailed guide to reviewing your year-end accounts – your profit and loss and balance sheet.

But have you ever wondered why your business shows a profit on paper, but your bank account doesn’t reflect it? You’re not alone! This is a common question business owners face.

In our new video, “Where Has My Profit Gone?”, Joe breaks down the mystery using clear explanations and visuals. He’ll show you:

  • How to understand the difference between your profit and loss statement and your balance sheet
  • Where your profit might be “hiding” within your accounts
  • How to use these insights to improve your financial health

Stop wondering where your hard-earned profit goes! Watch the video now and gain valuable knowledge to manage your business finances effectively.

Click here to watch: Where Has My Profit Gone?

We hope you find this video helpful!

While the video uses Xero as an example, the core concepts apply to most accounting software. Feeling lost with your specific situation? Reach out to us for a free 1-2-1 consultation – we’re here to help! Email, call 01474 853 856 or request a call back here.