• I am so grateful for your daily emails and the Coronavirus Business Advice Hub. It’s really moved your business onto the next level!

    They are easy to go through, hit the nail on the head and has helped me so much. I’ve been forwarding your emails onto my franchise network and friends to help them during this time too.

    Hayley Fenn, Rocksolid Granit Europe Ltd

  • May I say many thanks for all the information lately, it’s been really informative and very much appreciated.

    Although we are a small business, it has been quite reassuring and inspiring to be part of the A4G Family. I have shared  some of the guidance emails with friends whose accountants have not been so guiding in there duties to their clients, so they would like to send their thanks as well.

    Mark Luscombe, Lusco Building And Renovation Ltd

  • I don’t know how you have managed to do it, but the daily A4G Coronavirus Business Advice e-mails have been, and continue to be, invaluable… so thank you so much!

    Francis Pettican, Fairwood Music (UK)

  • I must say Jon and I are so pleased we switched over to A4G. Your team are always so helpful and your knowledge and focus on helping us achieve the best for our company and personal finances is always appreciated. Keep up the good work and stay well.

    Lee Putner, Monster Foods

  • Just a quick response to let you know how much your “Thoughts from the weekend” have been appreciated. A different perspective on our very different situation with some humour and insights.

    Thank you very much, keep going!

    Alan Whyte, Rockfield Properties 

  • I must admit – I was going to ‘unsubscribe’ from these emails as I was getting bombarded with ‘messages’ but I took the time to read a couple of yours and they make a lot of sense – so keep up the good work and keep them coming!

    Carol Dufour, Du 4 accounts

  • I first met Malcolm when I was around 11 years old when he was my Dad’s accountant for B&H Truck Care. Because of this link, my partner and I decided to go with A4G when we started out in 2015/16. I’ve really enjoyed reading these emails.

    You have always offered great support and it is very much appreciated. Through these very strange times, we salute you!

    Nicola St Clair, autotechnician magazine

  • I have been beyond impressed with your lateral accurate cheery varied human relevant and uplifting daily updates and news items.

    Charles Douglas, CDS Mayfair

  • Thank you for sending these emails, it is a difficult time for many but these emails are very informative and appreciated. 

    Paul Vallance

  • I really enjoy your wonderfully informative and empathetic emails and advice.  Thank you for these.

    Monique Drummond, We Are Relish 

  • Just wanted to say what fantastic support and informative emails I am getting from A4G. Credit to a fab company. Keep up the good work.


  • I must complement your company on all the help and guidance you have been putting out recently. It’s excellent material. 

    Lawrie, AML Consulting (Global)

  • I have really appreciated the daily newsletters, and have passed them on each day to a range of my clients, who have also found them useful and passed them onto their clients.

    Dennis, Hygiene Solutions

  • The daily emails are just wonderful, so current and accurate with what’s going on. I think they’re amazing whoever is doing them they’re doing a great job.

    Helen Whitaker

  • I think the communication from your company has been outstanding – really impressed!


  • I have been very impressed with the volume and frequency of content that you have been publishing! Somebody has been extremely busy.

    Stephen, Hampden & Co

  • The daily emails you are sending out are brilliant, they really help give opinion and guidance rather than just repeating information others are giving.  They really help me know what is going on and your thoughts are insightful.

    Dalian Gill

  • Your daily emails are great, they are really helpful and insightful.



  • I have been finding the A4G emails very useful and, dare I say it, even enjoyed reading some of them.

    Ian Killian, Heathfield Vets

  • Just to say that we really enjoy your daily emails! Interesting, informing and relevant.


  • Thanks for this [information on coronavirus business interruption loan scheme] – really useful.

    Barry Bond, Jarmans Solicitors 

  • We have found your nightly emails and webinars very helpful in this difficult time and have on several occasions shared these on our website too as we were so impressed with them.

    You have remained fully contactable during lockdown and maintained a positive and proactive profile.

    Wealth Insurance

  • Covid-19 has really had its up and downs for a lot of us self-employed and the clients we serve also.

    With so much information around, it was easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed. I am grateful for the regular updates from A4G which kept me up-to-date.

    I was able to share with my clients and also in my facebook page which a lot of my clients read and felt it was handy to have the information in such a simple format.

    I also gained more insights from the webinars which were very timely and  covered very relevant topics as well as given us opportunities to ask questions.

    Genny Jones Training