How your business can survive a second lockdown and recover in ‘Pandemic Normal’ 

There have been so many ‘new normals’ in the past few months that it’s hard for anyone to know what normal is any more.

With most experts predicting that a resolution of the crisis by way of a widely distributed vaccine not likely until next Summer, owner-managed businesses need to adjust their business settings to “Pandemic Normal” and operate in a way that copes with the continual stop start nature of the crisis.

With a second national lockdown underway, it’s understandable that for many businesses, their goal right now is survival. Whilst there’s an array of government support during this lockdown, our expert advisers can also help your business in many ways.

We’re teaming up with Metro Bank on Thursday 19th November at 8:15, to bring you a webinar where you will learn:

  • A review of the current situation for businesses
  • Our ’12 vital ingredients for business recovery’ – basically 12 tips that can help your business survive lockdown, and ‘pandemic normal’.
  • How Metro Bank are supporting businesses through the pandemic
  • Your questions answered

We hope this webinar will provide you with some clear information and an actionable plan to make you feel somewhat at ease during this tough time.

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How your business can survive a second lockdown and recover in ‘Pandemic Normal’ 

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