What’s your role here at A4G?

I joined A4G in 2016 as our Social Media Assistant and in 2018 became our Inbound Marketing Manager. My role involves writing our marketing strategy, managing our social media channels, managing our website, writing and proofreading promotional and educational copy, designing marketing materials, creating engaging email marketing campaign, creating podcats and videos… The list goes on!

My goal is to provide owner-managed businesses with all the tools and information they need to grow their business, whether this is through video, podcasts or written copy!

What top tip would you give every business owner?

Don’t ignore marketing. It may seem like a big scary gremlin, but it’s simpler than you think and doesn’t need to take up hours and hours of your time. And when you think you’re shouting loud enough about your business, shout 100x louder.

Who inspires you?

My nan. The strongest woman I know. No matter what challenges she faced in life, she kept going with a big smile on her face.

And my dad. He came to this country from Turkey when he married my mum at 18 years old. He couldn’t speak very good English, couldn’t utilise his qualification as an Electrician so had to get a job as a factory worker… Today he is the Director of that factory.