What’s your role here at A4G?

In my 16+ years at A4G, I have had the pleasure of working closely with a diverse range of businesses across various industries. During this time, I have been dedicated to helping business owners understand their true potential and alleviating the stress of managing their finances. I particularly actively engage with clients in the financial trader, recruitment, events, and sport tech sectors, guiding them towards building and expanding their wealth. With a focus on re-investing in their business growth through research and development (R&D), I am committed to delivering personalised solutions that are both impactful and easy to understand, eliminating any confusing financial jargon.

What makes you different to other accountants?

When it comes to distinguishing myself from other accountants, my unwavering dedication to the success of my clients stands out. I recognise the magnitude of running a business and the overwhelming nature of financial matters. Therefore, I make it a priority to always be approachable, offering tailored support that directly addresses their needs and never use confusing accounting jargon!

What’s your biggest career accomplishment?

One of my most significant accomplishments in my career was achieving the position of partner within the firm after only 12 years. Additionally, last year I helped a client sell their business for millions when we started working together they were a struggling startup business. Being part of this transformation was truly gratifying and reaffirmed my passion for assisting businesses in reaching their highest potential.

What top tips would you share with every business owner?

  • Always maintain a mindset of flexibility and continual learning within your specific industry. Embrace changes and stay updated to remain competitive.
  • Have robust systems, both financially and operationally, in place in order to free up time for owners to work on their business rather than firefighting
  • Cannot stress the importance of this one! – Have good, accurate, up-to-date management accounts and an idea of what you want to draw personally from your business on a monthly basis in order to plan effectively

Tell us a random fact about you

I was a semi-professional poker player in my younger days! This experience taught me valuable skills in decision-making, risk assessment, and analytical thinking, which I now apply to my role as an accountant.