Josh is part of the furniture. He’s been helping clients at A4G get in control of their business and tax bills since 2006. He first joined as a graduate trainee and worked his way up to become one of our partners in 2017.


Josh’s clients come from all types of industry, property, manufacturing, traders, and so on. But his stand out skills are in the veterinary industry, where he has helped many practices:

Overcome challenges with cash flow and stock management 

Improving records and understanding management reports

Significantly reducing their tax bill 

Maximise sales values (sometimes saving them 40%!)

Key to success

Keeping things simple and having an eye on where people want to be in 5-10 years’ time. Good advice is advice that plans for the future, not just today.

Did you know? Josh has a degree in history (an interest that hasn’t left him) and a healthy interest in space, rockets and Elon Musk.