What makes you stand out compared to other accountants?

Throughout my 17+ years at A4G, I’ve dedicated myself to help clients achieve their plans and goals by providing holistic and comprehensive advice. Relentlessly searching for effective and practical solutions, my approach towards tax planning, finance, and business processes focuses on turning simple actions into outstanding results.

My distinct approach sets me apart from other accountants through the deep-rooted connections I’ve established with clients over the years. The satisfaction of helping people navigate through business challenges is what truly motivates me each day.

What are your specialisms?

Whilst I collaborate with clients from various industries like property, manufacturing, and trading, I take pride in my exceptional skills within the veterinary industry, where I have helped many practices:

  • Overcome challenges with cash flow and stock management
  • Improving records and understanding management reports
  • Significantly reducing their tax bill
  • Maximise sales values (sometimes saving them 40%!)

I am also known as the ‘Tax Communications Specialist’ – where I decipher complex tax rules and translate them into easily digestible information for clients and my colleagues at A4G.

What’s your biggest career accomplishment?

Becoming a partner at A4G after just over ten years of hard work and saving a client almost £100,000 in tax savings certainly stand out.

What top tip would you share with every business owner?

Plan how much you want to draw from the business each month. If you plan this then you can grab much more control of your personal taxes, finances and set clearer and practical targets for your business.

Tell us a random fact about you

As a history graduate with a retired greyhound by my side, you’ll often find me camping under the stars during summertime – soaking in the beauty of nature!