We’ll help your franchise network flourish

If you have a successful and proven business model, franchising can be a very attractive growth strategy. However, in order to replicate this structure, you need to have watertight processes and systems for keeping them on track, or your business could fail instead of grow.

We will work with your franchisees to help them be successful so you grow a successful franchise network and go from strength to strength.

Why choose us

The support you and your franchisees need

By joining us, you’ll get a two-person approach to your business – a Principal Adviser who will oversee everything and give you the best possible advice, and a Client Manager who will produce your accounts, tax returns and other areas. So not only will there always be someone at the end of the phone for advice and support but you’ll get a full-rounded service

We speak your language

We believe that the true test of any professional adviser is not what they know but how they apply that knowledge to their client’s benefit and perhaps most importantly communicate that knowledge to you

Franchise experts

Our vast experience and knowledge working within the franchise industry implementing and streamlining accounting systems and processes, refining your processes, and developing robust systems will make your franchise opportunity very attractive to franchisees. We will also work with your franchisees.

Added value 

We’ll add value to your franchise network beyond just completing tax returns. We’ll not only help you grow your franchise network and plan for the future, but we’ll advise your franchisees on best methods to increase profits and grow their franchised business

What will you gain working with us?

  • Added value to your franchise
  • Consistent, reliable financial data
  • Ability to make informed decisions or spot franchisees who need help
  • Anticipate cash flow issues and deal with them before they become a big problem
  • Freedom to sit back and watch your network flourish

How we’ll help you achieve that 

  • Set up your accounting system and processes
  • Produce annual accounts
  • Corporation Tax returns
  • Compliance with Companies Act
  • Self-assessment tax returns
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Monthly or weekly payroll and pension requirements
  • Helping you identify your real break-even point
  • Building a profit model and targets
  • Break-even analysis
  • Automate and streamline your processes
  • Management accounts and analysis to help you grow your franchise

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If you’re looking to grow your franchise network or build a franchise network from scratch, get in touch with our team on 01474 853 856 or discovery@a4g-llp.co.uk.

We will arrange a free discovery session with one of our experts where we will discuss your franchise network in detail and how we can help you grow your empire.

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