Meeting with an accountant before reaching your year end is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you remain in control of your business. It will help you know where you stand with tax, profits, drawings and cash flow whilst you can still do something to change the situation in your favour.

Tax planning is vital to undertake prior to your year-end, as many planning opportunities can be missed if not discussed within the financial year. If your tax planning consists of discussing your year-end accounts with your accountant once they have been prepared then you are not planning, you are reacting!

tart planning early to make sure your year-end runs as smoothly as possible. Before you reach your year end there are a number of issues that you should consider for your business, to ensure that you put yourself into the best tax and financial position currently and for the next year.

For strategic planning, a pre year-end meeting can be useful to identify and help improve areas of your business that are either not being fully exploited, are not performing particularly well, or possibly just simply provide information that is not already available but is required to help you run the business effectively.

This could be the most important meeting that you have in a year and we would encourage you to arrange to see us to discuss any issues relevant to your business, including but not limited to the following

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