With many businesses already apprehensive over how Brexit will affect their business, here at A4G we are trying to encourage our clients to try to plan ahead.

It’s important to understand your businesses cash flow trends and needs over the coming months/years otherwise you could find yourself involved in an all-consuming cash flow crisis –  a crisis that distracts owner-managers from thinking about profitability. A number of our clients find that by completing our 5 Minute Cash Flow each month, they’re able to build up the historic data and understand the businesses cash flow cycle at different points during the year.

You should also consider where you can save cash and improve profits;

–          Negotiating new contracts with your key suppliers

–          Tightening controls over your debtors and credit control processes ensuring that everything is collected at its earliest opportunity

–          Using a cost reduction service to reduce your utilities (https://www.a4g-llp.co.uk/a4g-growth/cost-management/)

–          Keeping on top of your management accounts and monthly targets – reviewing these figures promptly after month end is a proven way to improve profits.

–          Ensuring each of your marketing activities is cost effective.

–          Freeing yourself up to work on the business, not in it (https://www.a4g-llp.co.uk/our-services/less-dependent/)

With summer holidays looming, have you considered getting in an Intern for projects based work? 

Whilst they are an inexpensive resource, the real big advantages to taking an Intern on over the summer break is that they also come with up to date IT, social media skills, and often come with an abundance of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Some ideas of tasks they could help you with are;

–          Building a client database (if you don’t have this already)

–          Developing  a cross sales matrix so you can see which of your customers are buying what services/product lines from you

–          Designing targeted mailshots to try to generate some new business

–          Help setting up your social media, promoting your offering to a wider market

–          Hunting out other potential clients, getting them onto your database and targeting them

–          Clearing out and selling any old stock/assets online


Want to have a chat about our 5 Minute Cash Flow tool, staffing, or simply discuss how you can plan ahead? Give us a call! One of our team will be happy to help.