Learn how you can quickly plug some cash flow into your business with Research and Development (R&D) tax credits. 

With the huge impact the Coronavirus outbreak has had on businesses, it isn’t a surprise to hear that cashflow concerns are at the forefront of many business owners minds, and will likely to continue to be for some time.

R&D tax credits are not just for those in the health and tech industry. If your limited company has:

  • Developed a new product or service
  • Improved an existing product or service
  • Improved efficiencies within your own business

…then you may be eligible to thousands of pounds in tax relief.

[Webinar] Boost your cash flow with R&D tax credits

In this webinar recording, we teamed up with Hiddleston Trade Marks and Invicta IP where you will learn:

  • What R&D is and how these tax credits work
  • Who is eligible
  • Which projects and costs qualify, with examples
  • How the process of us completing your R&D claim works
  • How to protect trade marks, copyright and design
  • When and how to register patents and design

Webinar Recording | Boost your cash flow with R&D tax credits

If you have any questions whilst watching, please email these over to Amanda.Stoneham@a4g-llp.co.uk and we’ll aim to get them answered or book you a meeting with one of our experts.

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