How do you build a strategic plan for your company if you don’t have certainty about the future? That’s like laying the foundations of your house on a ground that might move or shift in the future.
The reality is that every single decision in your business is a choice under a degree of uncertainty; even more so in times for crisis. Realistically, everything we do in business is basing our choices on possible outcomes and best case predictions about the future.
Decision making should be based on data, like monthly management accounts and KPIs, rather than just intuition and gut feelings. But of course, there is one drawback to this, the data tells us about the past and the present but how can we predict how our decisions are going to impact the future?
Thankfully, we have a free tool to help you do this: Our Free 5 Minute Scenario Planning Tool.  
In simple terms, scenario planning provides a structured method for businesses to evaluate alternative views of what may happen in the future as an aid to strategic, operational and financial planning.
A scenario is a set of assumptions that describes a view of the future that is then used to develop a forecast or test a strategy, plan or decision. Scenario planning is largely focused on answering two questions:
  1. What could happen?
  2. What would be the impact?
Our free 5 minute scenario planning tool will help you quickly input the numbers on certain factors and instantly see the impact this will have on your profit.
Download it for free below.
If you need any help using this tool or the outcome, please book a scenario planning discovery session by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


5 Minute What If Scenario Planner

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