The Kent and Medway Business Fund (KMBF) offers 0% loans between £100,000 and £600,000 to small and medium-sized businesses in Kent and Medway who are looking to grow their business.

This loan can help your business develop new or expand existing products, services or processes. In turn, the aim is it will create new jobs, deliver business growth and improve productivity in the area.

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Terms of the loan

The loan terms are:

  1. A 10% administrative charge is levied on the payment of funds
  2. A minimum of 50% of the funding must come from private sources, such as business reserves and bank loans
  3. Typically, security will be required to cover the full value of the loan. Personal guarantees may be requested
  4. All qualifying businesses have the option of a loan repayment period lasting 5 years or less

Are you eligible? 

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you:

  • Operate as a sole trader, partnership, limited company, or not-for-profit business
  • Are located in Kent and Medway, or intend to establish your business here
  • Seek funding between £100,000 and £500,000
  • Intend to create sustainable jobs or protecting sustainable jobs
  • Currently employ fewer than 250 individuals
  • Demonstrate financial viability, with no current distress, and are not undergoing collections or collective insolvency proceedings
  • Are involved in the development or expansion of products, services, or processes that contribute to job creation, business growth, and enhanced productivity
  • Exhibit innovation within your project
  • Can provide security and personal guarantees equivalent to the loan capital and administrative charges throughout the loan term
  • Are capable of providing 50% match funding from private sources

Due to the loan being over £100,000, security or personal guarantees will be required.

Who cannot apply

You cannot apply for the loan if your business is:

  • A franchise
  • An organisation engaged in political activity or activity of an exclusively religious nature

Apply for a Kent and Medway Business Fund Standard Loan

Before completing the pre-application form, we recommend that you read the guidance notes for prospective applicants.

We’d also recommend you speak to your Adviser and Accountant. As with any lending it should be approached with caution because it can increase the risks to your business as ultimately these will need to be paid back. Having a business plan or rough cashflow forecast will be helpful in making sure your businesses is taking on the correct commitment to borrowing.

Talk to us and we can assess your personal circumstances, help you come to the best decision and help you with everything you need to approach a lender.

Book a free 1-2-1 with us if you’re not a client by emailing, or book a meeting with your PA.

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