Helping Owner-Managers with the key 8 Needs and Wants

What keeps you awake at night?

What keeps you awake at night?

What issues are likely to cause you to be in work early or distracted when you should be relaxing?

At A4G we believe that the needs and wants of the people we act for (owner-managers of small and medium sized companies) fall into 8 broad areas and all our services are focussed on meeting those 8 needs and wants.

At any given time some or all of the following will apply to you:

Peace of mind

There is so much red tape that you have to comply with. Whilst some business owners are happy to deal with this themselves most will find that they can make more money and keep out of trouble easier by using a great accountancy practice that takes care of these issues for them. Whilst the traditional work of the accountant is a necessary evil, our work is organised in a way that ensures that it runs as smoothly as possible for you. As a result, provided you act on the correspondence and reminders sent by us, you will never receive late penalties for late returns and will get plenty of warning about tax bills and deadlines approaching. How A4G help in this area.

Accountancy and Tax Preparation

Accounting information on which to base decisions

“If you can measure it you can manage it” is a great mantra by which to run your business. Accurate monthly management accounts, identification of key performance indicators (KPI’s), an understanding of your real break-even point and many other issues should all be considered as part of regular reviews so that you not only know what’s going well but also what you can do to improve those results. Our Virtual FD service and the help we give your internal finance team should be exactly what need to get the information you need to make critical decisions. How A4G help in this area.

Improving Your Management Information

Tax Reduction

It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep! Income tax, Corporation Tax, Capitals Gains Tax, VAT. Shall I go on? The wide range of taxes and tax rules means that expert advice is required in order that you pay the legal minimum in taxes. A4G can help you to structure your business and drawings in the most tax-efficient way and ensure that you claim all the reliefs available in order to minimise any future tax bills. How A4G help in this area.

Tax Reduction

The building blocks crucial to a successful new or emerging business

Most businesses start on a very small scale, often run in the owner’s spare time whilst they juggle it with employment. But once the business has become the main or only source of household income and the business has started to grow there are ten vital ingredients required to be successful. A4G have helped thousands of owner-managers put in place the key buildings blocks to improve and grow their new or emerging enterprise and avoid becoming one of the many new businesses that fail each year. How A4G help in this area.

Help for new and emerging businesses

The ability to deal with change and challenges

As your business grows into something more sustainable with a name reputation and sound profits there will still be challenges you have to deal with. Sometimes those challenges are business related and sometimes they are caused by personal choices. You might want to retire or sell up within five years or you might just feel that the business has reached a plateau that it just can’t get beyond. Our regular services include advice that supports your long-term goals and often include a Strategic Planning Day where owner-managers can identify where they want their business to be in five years’ time and what changes are needed to get there. How A4G help in this area.

Help with change and business challenges

Wealth Planning

Whether you need to protect what you’ve got and ensure your family will be ok whatever happens or want to build an investment pot for the future (including retirement) our services will help you get the right balance between wealth, tax and business planning. We can ensure that you get the best advice when you need it, keeping you up to date with any issues that will affect you in the future. How A4G help in this area.

Protecting and Growing your Wealth

Dependency Reduction

Are you a prisoner of your own business? If so, you’re not alone. Many successful operations have become so dependent upon the individuals that run them that those individuals do not have the time to enjoy the success they have achieved. A4G’s services help owner-managers identify ways to free up more time for them whilst improving the profitability and value of their businesses. The day-to-day reality for most people running small businesses is that they spend more of their time working on rather than in the business. How A4G help in this area.

Making your business less dependent on you

Cash (and by necessity profit)

Business owners will usually know when their business is suffering from a cash flow problem but don’t always know the reasons. Is it a cash flow problem or a profit problem? Is your business financed in the right way? Are you making enough profit? If not, what’s the cause and what can be done? There are many ways in which you can improve your profit and cash flow and A4G can systematically help you drill down to the critical areas that need improving. How A4G help in this area.

Profit and Cash Flow Improvement

And finally…

It’s crucial to pull it all together and get these 8 areas in balance. There’s no point giving you advice which saves a few pounds in tax but loses you a vital customer. There’s no point putting huge amounts into investments and leaving the business short of cash. Most of our clients have an annual pre year-end meetings with an A4G Principal Adviser who will help you get it all into perspective and balance.