If you log into the portal and find that no files are visible click on the show all documents:

This problem is caused because the file name is too long. There is a 50 character limit on the Portal.

Edit the document name so that it is within the 50 character limit, use abbreviations or rethink the name entirely.

This problem occurs when users try to use the portal using older versions of Internet Explorer or Safari.

The Solution is to install a modern browser like Chrome of Firefox

Sometimes files that are automatically created from another application (i.e. your PDF files) are blocked by chrome for security reasons. If you use the online file viewer in chrome (which is the default) then the file appears blank. If, however you save the file to your desktop or somewhere else then it will open properly.

To resolve:

  1. On the downloaded file on Chrome, click on the black arrow beside it.
  2. Select open with system viewer (see image below).
  3. This will open the file in the default PDF viewer and not in Chrome.
  4. Your document is available to view.

If you need any further help with any portal issues, please contact us at portalhelp@a4g-llp.co.uk. 

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