If you are interested in taking up this service with us, the cost of our service is £175 and will include:

  • Review of reconciliations completed on areas such as net wages, PAYE/NI and VAT
  • Review of your aged debtors and creditors for accuracy and any likely bad debt provisions for the year
  • Review of stock, WIP, fixed assets, accrual and prepayments to be made in the year
  • Improving the layout of your financial information
  • Setting budgets for the year to come
  • Production of comparison reports to show yearly trends
  • Providing a report on your current cash-flow compared to where it should be and break-even position of your business
  • Taking a back-up of your data for use in the preparation of your annual accounts


  • Helps you to ensure your records meet the terms of your quote or Fixed Price Agreement with us
  • Ensures all the information is ready for the preparation of your accounts
  • Allows us to get your draft accounts prepared quicker so you have more time to consider the tax and financial implications of them before they are finalised
  • Makes it easier to use the budgets facility throughout the year
  • Gives you a comparison of the year on year figures
  • Helps you to be more aware of how different areas of your business are performing and where improvements could be made
  • Allows you to be more in control of your business, anticipate cash-flow problems and estimate tax bills

*Please note that in the event of your computerised accounts package not meeting the required standard for the year end to be run we will discuss any issues with you and your options that are available. If you do it yourself then you will need a fully reconciled trial balance or if we do it extra fees will be incurred.

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